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Christian Hans Schulz

is a journalist and filmmaker.




Born in Arnsberg in Westphalia, he started writing for various newspapers and journals while studying Slavic studies and Communications and Media Science in Göttingen and Leipzig.


Early interested in the big upheaval in the former GDR, he moved in autumn 1990 as one of the first west germans to Leipzig. There he began to work for the first independent and newly founded weekly newspaper DAZ – Die Leipziger Andere Zeitung. Soon followed the next station, the city mag KREUZER. Here Christian Schulz became in the early 90ties chief editor for two years – and until today he is one of the city mag’s shareholders. Further experience in print media he gained with coverage and reports for „Die Welt“, „Merian“, „taz“, „stern“ and others.


In the middle of the 90ties he got more and more in film and television. In 1997 Christian Schulz went for two years to Moscow as a correspondent and bureau chief for the Munich-based company Zolcer TV. While travelling across many regions of Russia he realised a plenty of reports and documentaries for different tv channels in Germany and abroad.


From 2000 until 2010 Christian H. Schulz was one of the creative heads and a shareholder of Leipzig-based independent production company LE Vision, that was well known for it’s award-winning and outstanding reputation.


As a scriptwriter and director he realised until today more than 40 long films (reports, documentaries, docu-drama), mostly for ARD, MDR, WDR, NDR, rbb, arte, ZDF, RTL, NatGeo and others.