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FOREIGN FRIENDS (Working title)

The Russians in the GDR – occupying power for almost 50 years.

All in all just „German-Soviet Friendship“?

What was really going on between military and locals?


Exciting insights in a difficult affair.


On air in autumn 2013

Documentary (2 x 45 min) for MDR


produced by Schulz & Wendelmann Film GbR

MARKUS WOLF - Mielkes top guy

At times of the Cold War he was the spy master of the GDR.

In the West they even didn’t know his face for decades.


Markus Wolf, chief of the intelligence service at the Stasi.


In this year would have been his 90th birthday.


Already in lifetime he was considered to be a myth.

But who was really hidden behind this legend?


Documentary (1 x 45 min) for MDR


produced by Saxonia Entertainment GmbH